Singing flower roots


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🏹 Aromantic 🏹 To not experience romantic attraction or only under certain circumstances


X / X / X befunky collage tool X / Z / X Forest Aro flag by @seer-of-lxght = this moodboardX / X / X I am also at tumblr

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Good Morn everyone, here's my cats uwu

I play The Isle alot, and I love the Ceratosaurus designs. They're adorable little murder machines. So, I just had to draw my Ceratosaurus from the game that valiantly died to a Rex attack.

Rest In Peace, little Cerato.

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trans rights are human rights

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detective pikachu brought back my childhood wish for pokemon to be real with a new intensity

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A tattoo design I did for an old coworker to match his other shark tattoo. It incorporates his initials in the shark as well as his sons' initials in the pilot fish. Hand drawn design refined in Adobe Illustrator.

Galaxy Croc is super protective of his Sun and Stars. The centre of his universe that never stops shining for him.

Guess I'll do this

Hi, I'm Memesy. Put some info on my blog description too, but I'm aro/ace trans man, 26 years old.

My interest are:

When they cry



Prehistoric animals

Current animals

Art in general

Various tv-shows


Looking to mostly follow people for now. Might post some scribbles, if I dare.